New DArTDB and Online Ordering Systems

We want to begin by thanking all our loyal customers and colleagues for your continuous supporter of our services. It’s been a pleasure to work with you all along those 18 years of the company existence!

To further improve our service, we have just released the next version of DArTdb and Online Ordering system. While we do DArTdb upgrades nearly every month, this is a major change that captures many developments of the last few years.

The main change is the introduction of a range of new product types, even though these products were delivered to our rapidly growing user base for several years. Those are predominantly in the area of Targeted Genotyping (TG) (like DArTcap, DArTag and DArTmp) and, in line with our company philosophy and practice, all are bespoke designs to provide the best solution to our client’s needs.

Access to our whole genome profiling method (DArTseq) remains open and mostly unchanged with an optimised method for each organism. However, we do offer more than a single DArTseq assays for a range of organisms to fulfil specific clients’ needs. More details on such changes of these these new/expanded products are discussed with specific users.

DArTseqLD, our most affordable, medium density whole genome profiling option is now recognised as a new product type in our system, even though DArTseqLD is in fact a special variant of DArTseq. DArTseq and DArTseqLD are available on the Online system without any restrictions. Both methods can be developed for any new organism within 1-2 weeks with only a minimal investment or free of charge. Please contact us to find out more about these options.

We do hope the changes in DArTdb and Online Ordering system will improve significantly our interaction with all our customers and colleagues and enable placing orders for services with more clarity and simplicity. Importantly, some changes will be obscured to public view (i.e. Targeted Genotyping products), and only accessible to the client whom the method was developed for. If you are already an user of one of our TG solutions, you will be provided with a special code to access services. If you need an affordable genotyping solution for assay on between 100-10,000 markers, please contact us and we will provide you with a recommendation and pricing options.

We have also made a significant progress integrating our genotyping services with data analytics, breeding and performance data management system ( Many of our software tools (e.g. KDSmart) are freely available and we can provide you with an inexpensive, dedicated and personalised solution for even most complex data management needs. Please contact us to arrange a demo or for more information on data management to learn the benefits of integrating various data types with sophisticated data analytics solutions.

We are looking forward to your feedback on the new system and our services. We had a great fun developing and delivering technologies for you for the last 18 years and our success in the very competitive market is the tribute to all our customers being our only promotional activity. We will do our best to maintain the highest level of quality and integrity in order to retain the trust and support we have enjoyed from our user base till now.