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    DNA genetic map downloads


    In the interests of scientific research and the development of high quality food crops, DArT can provide access to a consensus map of wheat, developed from over 100 genetic maps and containing over 100,000 DArTseq markers.

    Downloading and using this map and the sequences it contains is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.


    Consensus Map Download Link Version
    Wheat consensus map Download here Version 4.0

    Terms & Conditions

    A consensus map of wheat V 4.0 (“The Map)developed from over 100 genetic maps of wheat and containing over 100,000 DArTseq markers and approximately 4,000 DArT markers is made available  by: Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 097 662 514) of Lv. D, Bldg. 3, University of Canberra, Bruce ACT 2617, AUSTRALIA (hereinafter “The Providers”), to any person requesting sequences (hereinafter “The Recipient”) under the following Terms and Conditions:

    • The Providers claim Copyright on the complete set, or any significant subset, of the sequences made available to the public.
    • The Providers make available The Map and the sequences to The Recipient WITH NO WARRANTY OF ACCURACY, USEFULNESS AND FREEDOM TO USE.
    • The Recipient cannot use any DArTseq or DArT marker sequence (hereinafter “The Sequence”) or any part of The Sequence, including their map positions (The Map) to provide genotyping services to third parties. The Recipient can use The Map and The Sequence in-house for any research and development activities, including plant breeding and commercial product development.
    • The Recipient must not distribute The Map, The Sequence or any part of The Sequence to any other person or organisation, except those scientists affiliated with and working within The Recipient’s institution in collaboration with The Recipient, who have also agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
    • The Recipient must acknowledge the source of The Map and The Sequence in any scientific papers, publications or reports by providing a link to the following web location: 
    • The Recipient must identify any new molecular marker derived from The Sequence as “derived from DArT marker (MarkerName)” in all scientific papers, publications and reports.
    • The Recipient accepts to bear ALL responsibility for any consequence of the use of The Map and The Sequence, including any claim by a third party that the use of The Sequence infringes any intellectual property right.

    By downloading the following file, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use of DArTseq and DArT marker sequences and map position information as listed above.

    Our services

    Software & IT services

    Robust software applications are essential to extracting the highest value from the genetic data we produce in our lab operations. Within our powerful data management platform, KDDart, we have developed the necessary tools to help researchers, ecologists and more make the most of their genetic data.

    Genomic data production

    Generating, processing and analysing high quality genomic data is at the heart of DArT’s operation. With clients around the world, we are involved in projects as diverse as single-farm cropping problems to working with large multinational companies to solve problems of biodiversity and conservation.


    A significant part of meeting the global objectives of DArT is empowering and enabling our software and expertise to be used wherever it’s most needed around the world. We regularly provide training opportunities either in our facility in Canberra, Australia, or remotely. Discuss your training needs with us today.

    Optimise your research efforts with the power of genetic analysis and big data.

    We work with clients large and small, providing affordable genotyping services that help optimise research and agricultural projects. Contact us to discuss your next project today.
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