Free genomic resources - access genetic maps, sequences, research papers and more.

Knowledge is power

As part of a goal to help generate a better informed and more sustainable world, we understand the value of knowledge.

So we are pleased to provide many resources for use by our customers, researchers or just anyone with an interest in genetics and the way we can use our expertise to support food security and sustainability around the world. 

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    Latest news

    What’s happening at DArT or in the area of genetic study and associated IT support.


    With over 20 years’ of genomic expertise speak to us for a a consultation on your next project.


    A downloadable resource of genetic sequences for some common organisms.

    Genetic Maps

    A downloadable resource of genetic maps for some common organisms.


    Access the resources and repositories of KDDArT on github.

    Research papers

    A searchable resource of publications produced or supported by DArT or our people.

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