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We support local and federal government's across the globe with research, conservation and biodiversity programmes.

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    Genetic and bioinformatics services for government agencies


    In many countries, our services are used by both Government and Non-Government Organisations to further research and development in support of farmers, breeders, ecologists and researchers. As this work is aimed at meeting similar goals to our own, that is the development of strategies for food security and biodiversity, we are supportive of these efforts.

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    Services for Government and NGOs

    Many of our services may be offered to Governments and Non-Government Organisations, depending on the projects and priorities. These may include:

    Epigenetic Studies

    Epigenetics is the study of the way the traits or behaviours of an organism can be affected not purely by its DNA but also the external impacts on that DNA. We are able to help determine these factors and the potential for reversing their impacts.

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    Data management and storage

    Our proprietary apps KDCompute, KDSens and KDXplore are available to help you to manage the data you collect, and align it with other data sources, such as our database as well as things like weather stations and soil probes.

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    Genetic identification, purity testing and product adulteration

    Our DArTseq technology can identify specific strains of many crops and other organisms, and can test for contamination or other impurities.

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    Characterisation of breeding germplasm

    Through the analysis of DNA markers, we are able to identify germplasms as well as individual organisms that contain desired breeding attributes.

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    Quality control and quality assurance

    Our DArTseq and DArTreseq platforms can identify thousands of genetic markers, providing significantly more power and reliability in genetic identification.

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    Ready to get started on your next genotyping project?

    We can support your research, genetic analysis efforts for projects large and small with affordable genotyping services. Request a quote or order our genotyping services online today.
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