Breeding Services

Our range of laboratory and software services support farmers and the wider agriculture sector with plant and seed breeding and optimisation.

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    Breeding and seed-related activities 


    The services we offer at DArT are well suited to supporting breeding and seed-related activities in achieving the best outcomes for seed industries.

    This strongly aligns with our global mission of helping build global food security and biodiversity.

    We understand that in breeding, the right level and type of genetic diversity is the primary concern in achieving success – and that this translates particularly to Quality Assurance and Quality Control. 

    We also understand that optimal genetic analysis can be achieved with as little as a few hundred markers but initial analysis of key accessions may require much higher densities. The specific choice of marker density and technology  will depend on the crop being analysed and the resources the customer has at their disposal. 

    You can be assured that we will never quote you for a service that exceeds your needs and circumstances. We will only sell what you can use to give you the most value for what you can do with our services.

    Ready to get started on your next Breeding Services project?

    We can support your research and genetic analysis efforts for projects large and small with affordable genotyping services. Click below to request a quote or to order our genotyping services online.
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