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Genetic data analytic solutions for managing large volumes of genomic data for bioinformaticians, researchers and scientists.

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    Bioinformatics and data science solutions


    Our laboratory services generate a very large amount of data. With nearly 3 million whole genome profiles generated by our technologies, each with potentially millions of markers produced on average by DArTreseq, we store over 100 Tb of sequence data.

    The full value of this data is unlocked through our highly developed skills in data analytics. Using a wide range of tools, we are able to offer analytical services, including our software solutions.

    Data analytics software platform

    Our platform is a comprehensive and scalable solution suite that supports breeders through all stages of:

    Data visualisation showing genetic markers with significant correlations in Capsicum

    Markers with significant correlations in Capsicum

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    Innovation and R&D

    Access to ground-breaking innovations to improve detection and evaluation of both genetic and environmental factors.

    Predictive modelling

    Predictive modelling and DArT’s Universal Test Bench (UTB) to assist in the selection of the right algorithm for any particular data set.


    GEMIA – Genomics, Environment & Management Interaction Analytics –  which harnesses whole-of-data modelling, computation, and parallel processing for multi-way interactions, via associated traits of interest.

    There are two domains in our data analytics:

    • Support for our genome profiling services at various levels of marker density which focuses on effective extraction of marker information from the sequences; and
    • Support for downstream applications of marker data produced by our DNA profiling services. Both of these areas are enabled by the KDCompute application – an integral part of our KDDart platform
    Data visualisation showing the linkage disequilibrium among genetic markers on separate chromosomes in Cotto

    Linkage Disequilibrium among markers on separate chromosomes in Cotton

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    KDCompute can operate as a standalone application or in connection with a database. When connected to DArTdb via DArTsoft14 plugin KDCompute enables rapid marker data extraction from sequences produced on NGS platforms. Tens of thousands of libraries/samples can be effectively processed within hours; and in addition to marker data, a range of metadata for markers are also extracted and reported.

    KDCompute can also connect to KDDart database and perform a range of analysis relevant to breeding or ecology; including experimental design, analysis of field data, population genetics, marker trait associations (GWAS) and Genomic Selection. Dozens of algorithms of various levels of complexity are “wrapped” into simple user interfaces which make the results just a few clicks away.

    Data visualisation showing clustering varieties of Sweet Potatoes

    Clustering varieties of Sweet Potatoes

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    Empower your research with our data analytics tools

    Manage phenotypic, genetic and environmental data with our KDDArT software platform and supercharge your research, workflows and data pipelines today.
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