DNA extraction

Gain insights into any organism with our DNA extraction and genetic analysis services.

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    DNA extraction services

    Genomic extraction and testing 

    We are highly experienced at extracting quality DNA from a hugely diverse range of sources. Our processes are well developed and optimised to ensure success. 

    DNA extraction for any organism

    We have successfully extracted DNA from many organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants and animals, with samples taken from a wide variety of tissues and organs. 

    Some of this work is very sensitive. When we’re working with museum samples, for example, we need to be careful to avoid wasting any of the material. 

    Some organisms present greater challenges than others – like a single hair follicle, or the virtually invisible larvae of fish or corals. Our talented DNA extraction team is ready to meet any challenge.

    Benefits and use cases

    DNA extraction supports a range of research and analysis  projects, including:

    Related services

    Genetic identification

    DNA analysis for crops and organisms to identify breeds and varieties.

    Quality Assurance Services

    Assess your crop, seed, and plant quality for adulteration and purity.

    Ready to get started on your next DNA extraction project?

    We can support your research and genetic analysis efforts for projects large and small with affordable genotyping services. Click below to request a quote or to order our genotyping services online.
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