Gene tagging & cloning

Our gene tagging and cloning services enable better insights and help develop disease resistance for genes of interest.

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    Gene tagging & cloning

    What is gene tagging?

    Gene tagging involves more specific identification of the sequence of the DNA that is associated with a particular phenotype or trait. This is similar to QTL and GWAS.

    What is gene cloning?

    Cloning uses a different method again, to pinpoint a specific piece of DNA rather than individual markers. It works by studying causal factors at a molecular level, rather than by pure association.

    Using Quantitative Bulk Segregant Analysis and Distribution Tails approaches, we can identify many tightly linked markers with a target gene. With enough gamete equivalents and availability of 100% accurate phenotyping, this can be extended to cloning the gene you are after. 

    Image of a tree and leaf sample that can be used for gene tagging and cloning

    Gene tagging can be used to target disease resistance in a range of crops and plants. 

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    Benefits and use-cases:

    Gene tagging and cloning methods can be beneficial in:

    Case study

    We have successfully used this approach to target disease resistance in pineapples, colour determination in custard apples, and leaf necrosis in maize.

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