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Empower your quality assurance workflows with genetic identification and purity analysis.

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    Empower your genetic quality assurance programs ​

    Genetic identification and purity testing based on DNA analysis represent important aspects of modern quality assurance.

    Because our DArTseq and Targeted Genotyping platforms use hundreds to tens of thousands of markers, our genetic ID work offers significantly more power and reliability when compared to other platforms.

    DArT is able to assist customers through our various services

    Working with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), we have developed a comprehensive set of references to the varieties of wheat and barley that are grown in Australia. By genetically matching samples with these references, we can validate the identity of that sample. 

    In addition to this varietal identification, we are also able to use this process to precisely estimate the level and type of any contamination in the sample.

    If we don’t have an appropriate reference set available in our database, we can test against reference a sample or samples provided by you. 

    Ready to get started on your next Quality Assurance Services project?

    Let us support and empower your research and genetic analysis efforts with our affordable genotyping and data analysis services. We work on projects large and small on a global scale so contact us today to discuss your needs.
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