We support global teams in improving their understanding of DNA profiling, data analytics and IT.

Training and workshops in DNA analysis

A critical part of achieving the goals of DArT is the provision of training in DNA profiling, data analytics and IT, as well as the use of our resources, so that the advantages of DArT technology can more readily be made available wherever needed.

Each year, at our Canberra headquarters, we host many trainees, mostly from the least developed countries in the world. We also provide virtual training, allowing us to deliver significant and positive impacts globally, without access to large financial resources.

DNA Analysis training

Upskill your team with our information DNA analysis training for a range of genotyping topics and technologies.

COVID-19 Training Update

Please note, due to the impact of the COVID pandemic most of our training is now conducted remotely, including through our partner organisations in Africa & Mexico. Please contact us to discuss availability and training format.

Andrzej Killian providing training in genetic and ecological software

Global support

In addition to being headquartered in Canberra, we have operations in Mexico (established with support from the Mexican Government) and Kenya (in partnership with the BMGF through a $10 million grant). Our training programs allow us to build additional capacity and expand knowledge and skills in those regions. 

We are working to develop those programs further, to set up nodes of delivery on other continents, particularly South East Asia and Europe. 

Bioinformatics training

Learn how to manage biological and genomic data more efficiently with training in software, IT and our data management platform.

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