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Genetic and data analysis tools to help breeders and producers optimise crops and seed production.

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    Genetic and IT analytics for breeders and seed-related industries

    Crop optimisation

    The services we offer at DArT are well suited to supporting breeding and seed-related activities in achieving the best outcomes for seed stocks and ultimately the crops they grow.

    This aligns with our global mission of helping build global food security and biodiversity.

    Genetic analysis & QA

    We understand that in seed breeding genetic diversity is the primary concern in achieving success – and that this translates particularly to Quality Assurance and Quality Control. 

    We also understand that reliable genetic analysis can be achieved with as little as a few hundred up to many millions of markers. This will depend on the crop being analysed and the resources the customer has at their disposal. 

    You can be assured that we will never quote you for a service that exceeds your needs and circumstances. We will only sell what you can use to give you the most value for what you can do with our services.

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    Our genomic analysis services can help breeders and producers gain insights into crops and seeds to optimise and genetically identify varieties.

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    Benefits and use cases

    Genetic and IT analytics for breeders and seed-related industries

    DNA extraction

    We are highly experienced at extracting quality DNA from a hugely diverse range of sources – including bacteria, fungi, plants and animals.

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    Genetic identification, purity testing and product adulteration 

    Our DArTseq technology can identify specific strains of many crops and other organisms, and can test for contamination or other impurities.

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    Characterisation of breeding germplasm

    Through the analysis of DNA markers, we are able to identify germplasms as well as individual organisms that contain desired breeding attributes. 

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    Diversity analysis

    Understanding genetic diversity is important. For natural populations it underpins their capacity to adapt to changing environments, while in agricultural systems it is used to develop new breeds of animals and new crop varieties.  

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    Quality control and quality assurance 

    Our DArTseq and DArTreseq platforms can identify thousands of genetic markers, providing significantly more power and reliability in genetic identification.

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    Marker-trait association analyses (GWAS. QTL, Epistatic interactions)

    We have identified ways to link phenotypes or traits to genetic marker profiles. This includes understanding how DNA affects phenotypes and taking advantage of these relationships.

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    Genomic selection and Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding

    By establishing relationships between molecular markers and observable physical or behavioural traits, we can select a genotype likely to produce a desired outcome, rather than waiting to see what traits emerge during breeding. 

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    Protection of Intellectual Property

    Our services include the ability to map unique DNA fingerprints for the purpose of claiming IP rights, as well as testing for possible breaches of IP in the marketplace.

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    Data collection in the field

    Our KDSmart data collection app enables thorough recording of samples collected for testing, including photos and location details. This greatly improves accuracy and the ability to match samples with prevailing conditions related to, for example, weather, climate or soil types.

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    Data management and storage

    Our proprietary apps KDCompute, KDSens and KDXExplore are available to help you to manage the data you collect, and align it with other data sources, such as our database as well as things like weather stations and soil probes.

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    Data analytics 

    With the strength of our 21 years of building a database of genetic maps with up to millions of markers, we have the foundation for a sophisticated level of data analysis. This includes detailed data processing and control, as well as prediction modelling and decision support.

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    Optimise your research efforts with the power of genetic analysis and big data.

    We work with clients large and small, providing affordable genotyping services that help optimise research and agricultural projects. Contact us to discuss your next project today.
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