Ordering Services

This page contains the detailed information required to place an order for DArT services from Australia and internationally. It is critical to read through and follow thoroughly otherwise your samples may reach us with delays and/or conditions we will not be able to process them. Read important information about ordering our services


Our DArTreseq® technology represents a novel way of acquiring a very detailed genome profile in a more cost-effective manner than the current “whole genome” sequencing methods, through the removal of repetitive regions of the genome prior to sequencing. Read more to learn how it enables easier identification of valuable sequence features, especially in large genomes. Read more.

DArTSeq and Targeted Genotyping

At the core of DArTseq technology, as it was in the case of DArT method, is a genome complexity reduction concept. Many methods have been developed to reduce genome complexity for genomic characterisation, however the DArT methods provide a significant advantage via an intelligent selection of genome fraction corresponding predominantly to active genes. Read more on DArTSeq and Targeted Genotyping.

Quality Assurance Services

Genetic identification and purity testing based on DNA represents an important part of modern Quality Assurance and testing for adulteration in agricultural production and food industry. DArT works with a number of clients on Intellectual Property (IP) issues including Plant Breeders Rights. Read more

Data Analysis

DArT PL has technical capacity to provide DNA characterisation of any organism at any level of detail: from one molecular marker assay to obtaining full genome sequence of an organism. Our technology portfolio is being constantly reviewed and updated based on changing technological landscape (new methods of sequencing) and is quickly adapted to fit our users’ needs. Read more


Offering KDDart as an Open Source platform opens the way for a collaborative environment to develop software applications that address the current and future research needs of clients. Read more or visit kddart.org

COVID-19 Notice 19/08/2021

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), in which our Canberra headquarters is based, is currently in lockdown as the result of a spike in cases of COVID-19 in the local community. As a result, there may be some delays beyond our control. We will give priority to urgent orders, and those where samples may deteriorate if not processed quickly. Please contact us by email if you have any concerns about your existing or planned orders. We will keep you up to date on this website, and by direct communication if necessary, as the situation evolves. Read more