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Bioinformatic data and metadata management and storage solutions for Universities, researchers, ecologists and more. ​

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    Data management


    We specialise in providing a range of IT and software solutions for managing genomic and genetic data and metadata for a range of biological, bioinformatics and research purposes. Our platform and solutions can help more efficiently and easily handle large amounts of genetic data to support research efforts both from field collection and DNA analysis.

    Genetic data storage

    Once data has been collected, it is important that it be carefully managed and stored for easy access as we perform our other genetic processing services. Our web-based app, KDManage, performs that task and is linked to our KDDArT database.

    Bioinformatics software

    KDManage is a web browser application which does not require the installation of additional special software on users’ workstations. It enables users to perform a variety of administrative and management tasks with the data stored in the KDDart database.

    A computer showing KDManage a genomic data management and storage application for breeders

    Web-based browser application to store and manage bioinformatics data.

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    Visualise bioinformatics in graphs such as scatterplots with the DArT KDDArT platform.

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    Data curation

    KDManage is a key tool from the initial configuration and preparation of your data in the KDDart database through to many day-to-day tasks such as data curation (see illustration). KDManage fulfils the administrative needs of adding data to satisfy entity dependencies and relationships which are not always hierarchical.

    Plant breeding trials

    As trials are defined and in progress, other activities within KDManage become more frequent. These may be importing trial results or the extraction, i.e. exporting, of data to conduct analysis of trial results using other software tools. Tools with direct access to KDDart via the Data Access Layer (DAL) can operate without the need for any data extraction. Analysis applications such as KDCompute operate in this manner.

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