Research and data that helps empower the world to achieve greater food security and biodiversity.

What we do

Through the work we have done at DArT over more than 21 years, we have gathered a significant amount of data of great use to researchers in many fields, from agriculture to pre-breeding, breeding, ecological and biodiversity studies, and pure academic research.

It is our desire to use this knowledge for the good of people everywhere, from helping achieve food security, health and wellbeing in the poorest parts of the world to protecting endangered ecosystems everywhere.

By exchanging information and expertise, we can make a lasting difference, save a species on the brink of extinction, or further knowledge for the good of humanity.

In addition to encouraging partnerships with similar organisations and individuals, the services we are able to offer for research purposes include:

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Research papers

From time to time DArT produces or collaborates on various scientific papers and publications.

Do you need support for your next research project?

We combine the power of genetics with big data analytics to enable actionable insights that help improve and optimise ecological and agricultural outcomes. Our broad range of services suit companies and projects of all sizes and all budgets.
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