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Diversity Arrays Technology is a private, Australian owned company with a global footprint.

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    Our business information

    Delivery address & directions

    Delivery address is for sample deliveries or orders only.
    Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd
    Building 3,  Level D
    University of Canberra
    Monana Street
    Bruce, ACT, 2617

    Courier/Vehicle directions:

    1. Enter Allawoona St from Ginninderra Drive
    2. Turn right into Monana Street
    3. Drive to the end of Monana Street and press the button to open the boom gate
    4. Take the lift or stairs near the Science delivery dock area – Level A
    5. We are on Level D – the top floor at the southwest end of Building 3
    Latitude, Longitude for Google Maps:
    35.236778, 149.084679


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    Annotated map of Diversity Arrays Technology laboratory location in Canberra on University of Canberra campus
    Registered Address
    Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd
    ‘Building’ 3,  Level D
    University of Canberra
    Kirinari Street
    Bruce, ACT, 2617

    LPO Box

    Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd
    PO Box 5067
    Bruce, ACT, 2617
    Please do not send samples to our LPO Box.  All samples must be sent to our delivery address. 


    Our Australian Business Number is 47 097 662 514


    Our Australian Company Number is 097 662 514

    DUNS Number


    SAM Number


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