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Make field data collection easy with our environmental data collection software and solutions.

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    Environmental data collection support


    Many factors influence the performance of seedstock or the resulting crop – including location within a field, soil types and watering patterns. 

    This information is important in understanding the data we are able to extract from the samples you send.  DArT has developed apps, usable on hand-held devices, to help you accurately record and document the samples you collect.


    KDSmart is an application designed to operate on a variety of Android tablet and phone devices for collection of data in the field or nursery. Using data selectively exported from KDDart or a variety of other potential sources, KDSmart captures and stores trial measurement and result data for subsequent analysis using KDDart, KDCompute or any other analysis tool.

    KDSmart can operate standalone, with or without the full KDDart infrastructure. In standalone mode, it can import and export  trials and traits defined in CSV files.

    Users can select or hide traits for display and scoring at any time, along with a range of other options to suit their preferences or the task at hand, including accessibility preferences such as convenient left or right hand scoring.

    A man using a smartphone to capture data in the field for ecological and biodiversity research with the KDSmart Android application

    Our field collection app is available on Android devices enabling you to customise your tracking data and track a range of organisms in the field.

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    For ecology specific work, we are developing a new web and mobile application to support data management and research for ecologists. The Ecologue is currently in development and has emerged from our DNA profiling work for thousands of ecological projects, large and small performed by DArT in the last decade.

    Benefits and use cases

    Our field data collection Apps and support offer a range of benefits and use cases including:

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    KDDArT Platform

    Efficiently manage phenotypic, genetic & environmental data.

    Genetic identification

    DNA analysis flora and fauna to identify breeds, species and varieties.

    Ready to get started on your next Field data collection project?

    We can support your research, genetic analysis efforts for projects large and small with affordable genotyping services. Request a quote or order our genotyping services online today.
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