Genomic selection

Our genomic selection services link DNA profiles and phenotypes to provide you accurate and reliable insights.

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    Accurate and reliable genomic selection

    What is genomic selection?

    Before the advent of modern genetic processes, breeders would look at the physical traits of a plant or animal – the phenotypes – and use that as their guide when selecting individuals for breeding.

    Genomic selection has now established the relationship between DNA profiles and phenotypes, making selection so much more accurate and reliable. 

    Through establishing the molecular markers that align with a particular phenotype, we can build a model based on that trait and select a genotype, rather than waiting to see if the desired phenotype emerges during the breeding process. DArT’s ability to build these models is greatly assisted by our robust data analytics.

    Genome profile production

    Our proprietary DArTag and DArTseq® technologies are applied on a massive scale in GS-based breeding as they produce genome profiles of any density required for specific types of material and breeding strategy. 

    With DArT’s extensive database of genotypes, we can assist breeders with a full package of services – from seed analysis, to profiling and assisting with the selection of seed for the next breeding cycle, based on those profiles. We also have the capacity to store your data for future analysis.

    Benefits and use cases

    Genomic selection offers a range of benefits including:

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    Genetic identification

    Identify the genetic makeup of a range of organisms.


    Affordable genome complexity reduction technology.

    Ready to get started on your next Genomic selection project?

    We can support your research and genetic analysis efforts for projects large and small with affordable genotyping services. Click below to request a quote or to order our genotyping services online.
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