Affordable DNA and genome sequencing technology for effective genetic analysis of any organism.

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    Affordable DNA and genome sequencing technology


    DArT was founded on the strength of the invention of Diversity Arrays Technology, an innovative process for analysing DNA – truly affordable genome profiling.

    With subsequent developments in technology, including DArT’s invention of the DArTseq and later DArTreseq processes, our sequencing capabilities have become even more versatile and adaptable to individual project requirements. 

    We now have a database containing the genetic sequences of thousands of plants and animal species, as well as an increasing collection of microbial sequence data. 

    A scientist conducing genetic sequencing analysis for plants and crops in a Canberra laboratory


    DArTseq is our proprietary genome complexity reduction technology. It differs from other methods through its ability to intelligently select the predominantly active – low copy sequence – genes in a genome, which are the ones containing the most information. At the same time, DArTseq identifies and masks the lesser value repetitive sequences. It does this through the introduction into the DNA sample of a combination of restriction enzymes.


    DArTreseq further develops our capabilities. It extends DArT’s technology portfolio into the realm of enabling identification of the specific sequence features (e.g. Functional SNPs) responsible for an organism’s phenotypes.

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