KDManage is our web based software application that helps breeders to easily and efficiently manage data for plant breeding trials.

A better way to manage your data

KDManage is an application that allows users to perform a variety of administrative and day-to-day management tasks, using the data they’ve stored in the KDDart database.

The great thing is that it’s a web browser application which does not require the installation of any additional special software on users’ workstations. 

KDManage is flexible, for example if you need, for administrative purposes, to add data to satisfy entity dependencies and relationships which are not always hierarchical.

As trials are defined and in progress, other activities within KDManage become more frequent. This might include importing trial results, or extracting, i.e. exporting, data to conduct analysis of trial results using other software tools. 

Tools with direct access to KDDart via the Data Access Layer (DAL) can operate without the need for any data extraction. Analysis applications such as KDCompute operate in this manner.

A computer showing KDManage a genomic data management and storage application for breeders

KDDart Applications

KDDart includes five applications that work separately and together to create an integrated solution for your genomic data management needs. 

Optimise your research efforts with the power of genetic analysis and big data.

Our full-service bioinformatics and genetic data management platform provides flexible and extensible IT solutions for a range of genomic, breeding and research applications. Schedule a demonstration today with our team to see how KDDArT can support your business.
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