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Protect your intellectual property and Plant Breeder Rights with our genetic, IP protection services.

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    IP and Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) services

    How you can protect your IP

    To help a breeder to protect their IP in a new variety of a crop, DArT can generate a completely unique DNA fingerprint of that new variety. We may also be able to identify specific unique qualities based on epigenetic variation, even diagnosing difficult to test quality attributes, like taste.

    Adulteration detection

    We can detect adulteration of a product with inferior material, while at the same time possibly identifying the contaminant. This is of assistance to breeders and IP owners, testing samples taken from the marketplace to check that no breaches of Intellectual Property – whether deliberate or inadvertent – have taken place.

    We have an immense database of whole genome profiles – containing well over 1000 different organisms – so we’re able to compare any sample with prior processed material.

    Wheat samples compared for genomic IP protection services

    We can help protect your Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) with our DNA analysis services that compare organisms to identify similarities and differences.

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    We can assist in providing expert data to uniquely identify your variety and protect intellectual property.

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    Benefits and use cases

    Our IP protection services can support breeders in:

    Related services

    Quality Assurance Services

    Assess your crop, seed, and plant quality for adulteration and purity.

    Genetic identification

    DNA analysis for crops to identfiy breeds and varieties.

    Ready to get started on your next IP protection project?

    We can support your research and genetic analysis efforts for projects large and small with affordable genotyping services. Click below to request a quote or to order our genotyping services online.
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