Biological, DNA-based and genomic analysis and testing services for commercial and research applications.

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    Genetic research and technology

    We design, develop and use modern genetic research and technology, with the power of big data – to deliver better economic, social, agricultural and environmental outcomes across the planet.

    Our business

    Our business is to offer affordable genome profiling and a robust software ecosystem to inform and support farmers, breeders, scientists and ecologists.

    Our mission

    Our mission is to actively support the sustainable use of natural resources.

    Our vision and values

    Our vision is to build food security and ecological diversity, in regions and communities with limited resources.

    What we do

    DArT operates as a commercial company, but in effect we are a social enterprise. Our business is based on strong leadership in genomic data production and analysis. This supports our altruistic mission to improve food security for the most disadvantaged people in the world, while protecting ecological diversity.

    Our services

    Software & IT services

    Robust software applications are essential to extracting the highest value from the genetic data we produce in our lab operations. In addition to a wide range of software tools dedicated to genomic data processing and sharing, we  have developed the necessary tools to capture, curate and efficiently store many other data types relevant to our clients.

    Genomic data production

    Generating, processing and analysing high quality genomic data is at the heart of DArT’s operation. With clients around the world, we are involved in projects as diverse as single-farm cropping problems to working with large multinational companies to solve problems of biodiversity and conservation.


    A significant part of meeting the global objectives of DArT is empowering and enabling our software and expertise to be used wherever it’s most needed around the world. We regularly provide training opportunities either in our facility in Canberra, Australia, or remotely.

    Our history

    Andrzej Kilian founded DArT in 2001 to further develop and capitalise his process for delivering high-throughput genotyping in any organism without the need for prior sequence information. This process enabled quick identification and assessment of the DNA of any plant or animal, providing invaluable data to assist the viability of farms, quality of crop yields, and the value of research.

    The future

    DArT is currently implementing a roadmap towards building a global network, providing easier access to our services for farmers, breeders, scientists and ecologists around the world.

    Diversity Arrays Technology staff standing in a forest
    Images of DArT staff

    Our Team

    Led by Dr Andrzej Kilian, DArT has assembled a team of over sixty specialist geneticists, researchers, data analysts, IT experts and associated technical staff. The DArT team is motivated by the company’s desire to contribute to society and make a genuine difference in the world. Read more about the individuals who make up our team.

    Optimise your research efforts with the power of genetic analysis and big data.

    We work with clients large and small, providing affordable genotyping services that help optimise research and agricultural projects. Contact us to discuss your next project today.
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