Our mission

We are a social enterprise with a mission to drive knowledge sharing, global food security and better outcomes for the planet through the power of genetic technology.

We want to change the world through actively supporting the sustainable use of natural resources.

This means creating a global community for the greater good.

It is a foundational principle of DArT to develop technology that can be universally applied to solving some of the most pressing problems of mankind – biodiversity and food security. 

DArT has a vision for a society that understands the profound importance of biodiversity, a world where diversified agriculture makes better use of existing genetic resources – and a global community that is committed to designing, developing and using modern technologies to deliver better social, agricultural and environmental outcomes across the planet.

Our values


We believe in the power of diversity across people, places and the environment as the key to enabling a sustainable future for us all, hence our efforts in protecting biodiversity and proving that alternative business models like ours can work well.

Social enterprise

DArT operates as a commercial company, but in effect we are a social enterprise. Our business is based on strong leadership in genomic data production and analysis, with our successful business model supporting our altruistic mission to support food security for the most disadvantaged people in the world and protection of precious biodiversity.

Genomic Leadership

Our business is based on strong leadership in genomic data production - with world-leading expertise in linking genomic data with other data sources to enable our customers and partners to make more informed decisions.


At DArT, we have a strong belief in open source software and the free exchange of ideas and information.

Knowledge sharing

Over 20 years, we have collected a huge amount of data - providing us with an immeasurably valuable commodity - knowledge. As an altruistic enterprise, DArT is willing to share this knowledge, using it together with our tools to vastly improve the value of the services we provide and our ability to achieve our purpose.

We partner with likeminded organisations to drive better global outcomes

As a vision-driven business, with a desire to see our technologies and their benefits in use as widely as possible, we are very interested in collaborating and creating a network dedicated to co-developing and delivering our work.
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