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More efficiently curate and manage genomic and biological databases with our range of software tools.

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    Data curation prior to processing

    Processing genomic data

    Once data is stored and catalogued within our database or elsewhere, it needs to be carefully and meaningfully prepared so that we get the greatest advantage from the genetic services we will be conducting. DArT has developed a number of tools to assist in this important step.


    KDCompute is a web application and platform that provides capability to conduct efficient and extensible data analysis within a secure, customisable and cooperative plugin framework.

    Using your own or supplied algorithms, KDCompute can conduct analytical, imputation or data processing tasks efficiently, on the cloud or a dedicated external machine, leaving your computer free to perform other tasks.

    Installation of special software on your workstation/laptop/tablet is not required and only a web browser and network connection to your KDDart database. Tasks and workloads of multiple users are managed by the server component.

    Unless there is a specific need, data extraction is not required with KDCompute as data and analytics are integrated via the Data Access Layer API accessing your trial data directly in the KDDart repository.

    A computer showing KDManage a genomic data management and storage application for breeders

    Our KDCompute application helps visualise and manage genomic data.

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    It’s important that only quality data is stored in KDDart.  KDXplore can assist this by curating data before it is uploaded to the central database.  KDXplore is a versatile application, useful for breeders, technicians, curators and developers. It allows trial data to be accessible from many more angles.

    KDXplore’s Trial Manager plugin can assist with your trial selection, and can manage the distribution of those copies onto multiple KDSmart devices. Once data has been collected in the field with KDSmart, it can move to KDXplore for data curation.


    he KDSens application provides an interface between the KDDart database using the Data Access Layer (DAL) and various generic environmental sensors. Sensor definitions are maintained within KDDart.

    Man using a tablet to view genetic data curation software

    The KDSens program is designed to:

    Some of KDSens capabilities include:

    Related services

    Quality Assurance Services

    Assess your crop, seed, and plant quality for adulteration and purity.

    Genetic identification

    DNA analysis for crops to identfiy breeds and varieties.

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