Global Food Security

We use genetic and information technology to support farming, agriculture and biodiversity initiatives that help enable better food security for the world.

DArT wants to
change the world

It is a foundational principle of DArT to develop technology that can be universally applied to solving some of the most pressing problems of mankind – biodiversity and food security.

We also want that technology to be affordable and accessible where it is most needed.

Underlying this is our belief that every child deserves to have access to healthy food, a good education and a genuine sense of safety and security.

The challenge...

In many parts of the world, poor environmental and agricultural practices come from either a lack of education or an inability to access the data, information or knowledge needed to make informed decisions. In many cases, political instability or corruption make this situation much worse.

Agriculture challenges

For example, a single-crop farmer may be carrying on the practices of generations of predecessors, unaware that modern science has proven the value of crop rotation and the resting of land between crops. There may be undetected diseases in the soil – or unscrupulous traders many have sold seedstock that is overpriced, falsely identified, tainted with impurities or simply not suitable for the local climate and conditions.

The result of all these factors is underperforming agriculture in places where this can be least afforded – countries and regions with growing and starving populations, or subsistence farmers who need to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for their families.

Biodiversity challenges

In a natural environment, the seemingly harmless eradication of a ‘pest’ species, or introduction of a biological control measure can end up having catastrophic results. Generations of people simply surviving against nature can result in a loss of understanding of the importance of biodiversity to the wellbeing of humankind

Farmer looking a lettuce crops in an indoor greenhouse

The world we want to create.

DArT has a vision of a society that understands the profound importance of biodiversity, a world where diversified agriculture makes better use of existing genetic resources - and a global community that is committed to designing, developing and using modern technologies to deliver better social, agricultural and environmental outcomes across the planet. Listen to our Founder,  Dr Andrzej Kilian of Diversity Arrays Technology discuss how NGS-based genotyping is helping to develop more sustainable agriculture practices.

What can we do?

We start with what DArT has always done – developing cost-effective genotyping and information technologies. This provides valuable data that can be used to inform more efficient use of genetic resources. 

Armed with this technology, we can build a network of people and organisations who are equipped and motivated to use it equitably across agriculture and the environment wherever it’s needed most around the world.

In turn, this will lead to the development of crops better adapted and suited to local conditions, as well as improved, low-input, agricultural practices. 

Through this work, we will continue to develop better DNA profiling and IT technologies to further improve outcomes across a wide range of ecological and environmental studies.

How can you be involved?

We are actively seeking partners and likeminded individuals to join us in this important work. Please see our information pages about partnering or working for DArT, or get in touch and we’d be pleased to talk.

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