Gondwana Genomics adds further diversity to DArT

DArT is pleased to announce the acquisition of Gondwana Genomics and its expertise in improving and accelerating forestry plantation performance through genomic selection.

“Our shared history with Gondwana goes back over a decade,” said DArT Managing Director Andrzej Kilian, “as the foundational IP for its creation was developed at the CSIRO’ Forestry Division facilities, at the time when DArT was still residing there.

“From the start we were well aligned in our vision that modern technologies, especially genomics and data analytics, are critical for the more sustainable use of natural resources.”

Previously, DArT has contributed significantly to forestry research, including providing key molecular data for the first application of genomic selection to Eucalyptus breeding. The acquisition of Gondwana Genomics will significantly expand DArT’s capacity to positively impact this field in the future.

“It is also very timely,” said Andrzej, “as our new data managed platform OneDArT, partly sponsored by ACT government’s Priority Investment Program, will expand the capacity of both our and Gondwana’s clients to extract more value from combining our genetic data with environmental and performance data.”

“What’s important is that this is another positive step towards our global goal of achieving environmental improvement as a key step in fostering biodiversity and, in the end, food security.”

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