21 Today: DArT celebrates with a whole new look

At 21, Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) has celebrated its coming of age with a new look, a new website and Help Centre, and an updated online ordering system. 

These changes went live on Monday 14 November 2022.

DArT was founded in 2001, by Director Dr Andrzej Kilian, to commercialise and develop his invention of an innovative and affordable genotyping process. “Since then,” he explains, “we have focussed on building our DNA and related IT capability and capacity. We know we have unique and valuable products and services, so the time has come to update the way we present ourselves to the world. 

“Our new site represents our mission and goals for the future and makes it easier for our partners and customers to find information about our company and what we do. Our online ordering system has also had a face-lift. While our customers can continue to order and login as normal, they have the benefit of our new Help Centre, with support articles and how-to guides. This makes it easier for customers to order with us and prepare their samples for research analysis.”

Andrzej Kilian / DArT Managing Director

The changes to the Online Ordering system will also greatly improve the customer experience. New functionalities, developed by DArT IT specialists Grzegorz Uszynski and Puthick Hok, include improvements with quoting, closing the loop with DArTdb, our Lab Information Management System; giving customers the ability to request raw data at any time; and allowing secure data shares with other customers as well as third parties, expanding the capacity of DArT users to collaborate and share their information.

Central to the ideas behind DArT’s refresh is to visually demonstrate the company’s strong determination to remain a business with a very clear altruistic mission focussed on sustainability and diversity across agriculture, ecology and research. Andrzej explains that the capabilities of DArT must be used as a force for good – to help build food security and biodiversity in the parts of the world where they are most needed. 

“With advanced and accessible DNA analysis and genotyping services, we can help farmers to grow better and more diverse crops; assist plant breeders to develop more robust seeds suitable to specific climates and soil types; support ecologists in monitoring and preserving plant and animal species; and play an important role in researching better ways to use our natural resources.”

In practical terms, DArT promotes all these things by maintaining an affordable service supported by robust and innovative software solutions. Our new branding, website and Help Centre, will make our products and services clearer and more accessible to people who need them.

Diversity Arrays Technology operates from its lab and headquarters in Canberra, Australia, with partners in Mexico and Kenya. Plans are well advanced in taking DArT to other countries, particularly in Africa, Asia and South America where building food security and biodiversity are critical to the world’s sustainability.

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