DArT’s work celebrated with ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award

Diversity Arrays Technology is proud to have received a 2021 ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award at an online ceremony in Canberra. Speaking after the announcement of their award in the Agribusiness, Food and Beverages category, DArT founder and Director Andrzej Kilian acknowledged it as a strong recognition of the important work being done by the DArT team.

Andrzej believes the award, apart from recognising DArT as a dynamic and successful exporter of knowledge and services, also highlights and celebrates the success of the company’s broader social aim of using its technology to assist with the improvement of food security and biodiversity around the world.

“This award is testament to our team’s unwavering commitment and hard work towards more sustainable and equitable use of natural resources – playing our part in making the world a better place

“I’m particularly interested in the value of our work in countries and for people who would not normally be able to afford the sorts of services we provide. For these people, a better understanding of the crops they’re growing and the threats to their local ecologies can lead to amazing improvements in their health and prosperity. Our success as a business and exporter gives us great latitude to be able to provide services to these people at a cost they can afford.”

DArT is now a finalist in the National Export Awards to be announced in November.

“The important thing is that we get the word out that our services exist and are available for everyone who needs them,” said Andrzej. “If, through this recognition and publicity, we can improve the lives of people in the poorest parts of the world, then it is very valuable indeed.”

Photo caption: DArT Director, Andrzej Kilian, who is proud to have accepted an ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award on behalf of the team at Diversity Arrays Technology.

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