COVID-19 information

This is the second message in the company’s 18+ years of operations, and this year’s second after early January’s message about the fires, to update you on the situation in our organisation in the context of the COVID-19 epidemics. This may be particularly important for our international users, but we are also receiving many messages every day from Australia asking us about our current situation.

We started our preparations for the impending threat of a pandemic early enough to be fully prepared for the changing situation and respond appropriately to recommendations from WHO, as well as State and Federal Governments. We are therefore fully operational now and unless the situation turns catastrophic, we are in the position to deliver service of the same high quality as normal throughout the pandemic.

We have implemented a range of measures to protect our team and our community from the infection. This includes moving our IT and analytics team to work almost exclusively from home, with only the core of the team maintaining critical services. Our laboratory teams have been organised into shift work, reducing the number of operators in the lab at any time to observe the recommended social distancing rules. Thanks to this new arrangement, we have actually extended our operational hours in the laboratory and retained our usual high throughput capacity.

We acknowledge that the situation with regards to COVID-19 is evolving rapidly and will respond to the change accordingly. We will continue to keep you informed through our website and LinkedIn account.

Our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by this pandemic. We would like to encourage you all to continue persevering and remaining positive in these uncertain times. We thank you for your ongoing business and support.

DArT Team