Initial Technology – Microarray

Please Note: In 2016 DArT performed our last Microarray service and retired the platform from our products and services. However, all data and information produced by this platform is retained and available for our clients.
These pages are retained as part of our rich history for your information or research.

Our Microarray platform can provide very valuable data for any organism for which DArT Arrays have been developed. This technology can efficiently and economically scan from hundreds to thousands of polymorphic markers.

DArT technology consists of several steps:

On the microarray platform DArT markers for a new species are discovered by screening a library of several thousand fragments from a genomic representation prepared from a pool of DNA samples that encompass the diversity of the species.

The variable fragments are informative because they reflect sequence variation that determines the fraction of the original DNA sample that is included in the ‘representation’. We call the variable fragments DArT markers.

The microarray platform makes the discovery process very efficient because all markers on a particular DArT array are scored simultaneously.

For each complexity reduction method, an independent collection of DArT markers can be assembled on a separate DArT array. The number of markers for a given species, therefore, is only dependent on:

  • The level of genetic variation within the species (or gene pool) of interest, and
  • The number of complexity reduction methods screened.


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