Ken joined Diversity Arrays in 2018 as a programmer with expertise in the Perl Programming Language. He has been writing computer code for over 40 years and Perl code for about 25 years. He is a senior member of the PerlMonks forum and has contributed to both the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network and, in a minor way, the Perl core itself.

He holds tertiary qualifications in computing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (post-graduate) and in biology from the British Institute of Biology (graduate). Ken has worked in the IT industry for almost 40 years.

In his spare time, Ken enjoys playing and creating role-playing games (both pen-and-paper and computer-based). Whilst mostly just for personal pleasure, he has had a variety works published; including an add-on module for Morrowind and technical documentation for the scripting language used by Neverwinter Nights.