Quality Assurance Services

Genetic identification and purity testing based on DNA analysis represents an important part of modern Quality Assurance and testing for adulteration in agricultural production and food industry. We are working with a number of our clients on Intellectual Property (IP) issues including Plant Breeders Rights. Our DNA profiling platforms can be also used for paternity testing in animals, both in agriculture and in ecological/population research.

DArT PL has capacity to perform genetic identification of any organism, especially when using our DArTseq platform.

We can validate identity of a particular seed sample of any crop given a set of reference profiles for varieties has been generated.  By working with GRDC we have developed a comprehensive set of references for wheat and barley varieties grown in Australia and provide a routine service, not only for varietal identification but also for precise estimation of the level and type of contamination in the sample.

If the reference set is not available we can certainly test any sample against a reference sample(s) provided by the client. As both DArT and DArTseq platforms use many hundreds to tens of thousands of markers our genetic ID work offers much more power and reliability compared to other platforms, that are often based on a limited number of monoplex assays.

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Intellectual Property issues are important for a number of our clients. Some use our service to obtain a very comprehensive, absolutely unique DNA fingerprint of their new variety.  In some cases we were able to identify a unique fingerprint based on epigenetic variation which was diagnostic for a difficult to test quality attribute like taste. Other clients contract us to detect adulteration of their product with inferior material.

We can not only detect such adulteration but also quantify it and possibly identify the contaminant. Our very large database of whole genome profiles for well over 100 different organisms offers us an opportunity to compare any sample submitted to us to the material processed before.

Our genome profiling service for animals is increasingly popular, including paternity testing. This is particularly important for most population genetics and landscape genomics projects.  While the low price is an attractive component of such service, the depth of profiles produced offers additional insights into the materials provided, not available when using lower plex platforms.

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