LIMS at DArT (DArTdb)

DArTdb is our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), a purpose build storage, data management and analysis system designed to follow our technological workflows. It provides support to all our platforms which service our activities – technology development and genotyping service.

DArTdb aims to effectively deal with the following requirements:

  • Managing large quantities of data produced by high-throughput technology
  • Eliminating risks of sample and marker tracking errors through the integration of the laboratory hardware and widespread use of barcoding technologies
  • Offer reliable identification of the sample plates, clone assays and flowcells
  • Easy, quick and secure access to the data
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DArTdb closely integrates with our on-line ordering system along with a range of analytical tools. This assures direct access to any data in a secure and integrated way, which eliminates potential problems during data transfers and conversions.

General list of DArTdb features:

  • System and user administration
  • Controlled vocabularies
  • Workflow management for service provision and technology development
  • DNA sample annotations and quality management
  • Management of marker and assay libraries – which includes annotation of sources and naming/tracking library plates using barcodes, individual marker tracking and identification
  • Experimental management (with both marker and sample tracking)
  • Definition and management of sequencing runs – fully automated integration with sequencers data production pipelines;
  • Storage and archive of a large quantities of raw data for future re-analysis if needed
  • Utility functions – e.g. barcode search, workflow and experimental planning calendar, sequence alignment for NCBI databases, etc – all designed by technology users for most ergonomic workflow
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