DArT Analytical Services

At the commencement of our operations, we noted significant limitations in the users ability to extract valuable information from the data we were producing for them. This challenge continued to expand as the volume of data volume produced by the new sequencing technologies increased. In order to help our users in this demanding task, our team developed solutions so that a large capacity could be accommodated with a wide range of tools.

There are two domains in our data analytics:

  • Support for our genome profiling services at various levels of marker density which focuses on effective extraction of marker information from the sequences; and
  • Support for downstream applications of marker data produced by our DNA profiling services. Both of these areas are enabled by KDCompute application – an integral part of our KDDart platform.

KDCompute can operate as a standalone application or in connection to a database. When connected to DArTdb via DArTsoft14 plugin KDCompute enables rapid marker data extraction from sequences produced on NGS platforms. Tens of thousands of libraries/samples can be effectively processed within hours; and in addition to marker data, a range of metadata for markers are also extracted and reported.

KDCompute can also connect to KDDart database and perform a range of analysis relevant to breeding or ecology; including experimental design, analysis of filed data, population genetics, marker trait associations (GWAS) and Genomic Selection. Dozens of algorithms of various levels of complexity are “wrapped” into simple user interfaces which make the results just a few clicks away.

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