DArT Network

The further development and delivery of DArT/DArTseq would greatly benefit from a large collaborative effort. We invite interested organisations to create a network dedicated to co-developing and delivering technologies through exchanging know-how, reagents and software. In our view, the collaborative model of technology development and delivery will be important in rapidly bringing the value of whole-genome profiling to the market. We also believe that strong cooperation can, and possibly needs, to be integrated with some elements of competition, as a condition for the emergence of a vibrant and sustainable organisation. We, at DArT P/L, intend to play a stimulatory and coordinating role in this network.

As biologists, we are inspired by the self-organising properties of “chaordic organisations“, properties that seem to prevail in many naturally-grown complex systems such as biological organisms, ecosystems and many social groups. We plan to implement such “chaordic principles” when delivering DArT and other products to users. The unprecedented success of two very different organisations based on chaordic principles, VISA International and the Internet, makes us confident that the same rules will be effective in development of the DArT network.

Envisioned structure of the network

Our experience from interacting with a number of scientists and institutions guides us towards development of two integrated and partly overlapping networks of:

  • Co-developers, and
  • Service providers.

However, we are fully aware that any attempt of strict classification is going to fail. Some people may be involved in both networks, just as most of us are here at DArT P/L.

Consistent with the chaordic principles, we have neither developed a precise plan for the networks’ organisation nor strict rules of operation: “Far better than a precise plan is a clear sense of direction and compelling beliefs” (Dee Hock).

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