About us

DArT P/L is a private company based in Canberra, Australia with a unique business model developed by current Director, Andrzej Kilian, as a vehicle to deliver high throughput genotyping in any organism without the need for prior sequence information. The original platfrom for this used solid state arrays and DNA hybridisation. The methodology has been adapted to take advantage of the very high data generation capacity of next generation sequencing platforms.

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How we work

DArT PL has evolved from a genotyping service to a provider of comprehensive data services integrating genetic screening with environmental and phenotypic data to drive rapid results for clients in fields such as plant breeding, conservation biology and phylogenetics. Our focus on delivering social and environmental progress is not just in our Mission and Vision statements, but it is the core of our daily operations. It starts with the way we engage with our users: we do not try to sell them what we have, but we start with finding what they need. Once the requirements are clear, we do our best to assemble the set of tools from our portfolio (often with support from our international partners) to deliver the best solution to our users’ problems. If we cannot deliver the best outcome, we direct them to organisations better positioned to do it.

Our commitment to a more level playing field is embodied in our pricing strategy and willingness to take on small projects. We also engage in training of our users both in DNA profiling technologies and in downstream analytics. More recently we added training options for using our data collection and management applications in the KDDart platform.

You will not receive promotional emails from our organisation as our strategy is only to use word of mouth promotion. Whilst this approach may limit our growth, our focus is on delivering quality services and containing costs so the value of our technologies is available to those who can least afford it, yet have much to gain.

We hope that by doing a good job, our clients and users will favourably promote us. Should we not deliver what our clients need, we will face the consequences sooner rather than later.

Vision and Mission

At DArT P/L we have a vision of:

  • a society that is aware of the profound value of biodiversity to the wellbeing of mankind;
  • diversified agriculture that makes better use of existing genetic resources;
  • designing, developing and using modern technologies to deliver better social, agricultural and environmental outcomes across the planet.

Our mission at DArT P/L is:

  • to develop and provide cost-effective genotyping technologies that enable more efficient use of genetic resources;
  • to facilitate the development of a network of people and organisations using affordable genotyping technologies across the agricultural and environmental sector in an equitable manner;
  • to promote and support development of crops adapted to local environments and low-input agriculture;
  • to develop and deliver applications of DNA profiling and information technologies for a wide range of ecological and environmental studies.

Why DArT?

DArT is a generic and cost-effective genotyping technology detecting all types of DNA variation (SNP, indel, CNV, methylation). It was invented by Andrzej Kilian, to overcome some of the limitations of other molecular marker technologies such as RFLP, AFLP and SSR.

Our online ordering prices are potentially subject to significant discounts. We offer them routinely for researchers from Lesser Developed Countries, whose services are devoted to food security and environmental science and high volume services.

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The main advantages of DArT technology and our service:

  • Low cost
  • Marker density relevant to application
  • Sequence information and platform independence
  • High throughput due to a high level of multiplexing
  • Matching most cost-effective technology with the application on modern platforms
  • DNA to Knowledge service

Intellectual Property

DArT technology owns a patent family covering DArT called “Genotyping by hybridisation”, based on US Patent no 6,713,258 B2. We are using Intellectual Property Rights to attract collaborators and partners to our network rather than restrict access to the technology. We see patents only as one component of an integrated technology package that comprises other essential components such as know-how and DArT-specific software.

Non-exclusive licenses to the patents are available, either on their own or as part of the technology package. Licenses to patents and other forms of Intellectual Property (know-how) will be provided to members of the DArT Network in a fair and equitable manner. Please read more about our network philosophy and joining the network.

Education and Training

From its very beginning DArT P/L was involved in education and training using our genome profiling technology as the platform. Several PhD students from various Australian universities (e.g. ANU, University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University) completed their research programs at DArT P/L under the supervision of Andrzej Kilian and with assistance from all DArT PL staff.

In addition to Australian students, many young people from international academic institutions carried their critical research for PhD or Master thesis in our organisation.

DArT P/L also offers a short-term training opportunities, enabling transfer of unique knowledge, skills and technologies.

Please contact us if you interested in joining our training program

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