Our Products and Services

We provide a range of products and services underpinned by our technology:

  • We offer genotyping services for a range of crops.

  • Drawing from our extensive R&D experience, we offer development of DArT arrays for new species.

  • DArT can be applied to the genome-wide study of DNA methylation.

  • We also offer dedicated software and a DArT-specific Laboratory Information Management System.


The identity of the customer, identity of the samples and genotypic data are kept confidential at all times. Data are owned by the customer. DArT P/L has no IP rights on the data and places no restriction on their use.



Our pricing structure is based on a price per microtiter plate of 94 samples, currently ranging between $2,000 and $14,000 Australian Dollars depending on the application and species. For smaller batches of samples, please contact us for a quote.


Our online ordering prices are potentially subject to significant discounts. We offer them routinely for researchers from Lesser Developed Countries, services devoted to food security and environmental science and high volume services.


Please contact us for further information regarding our pricing


Data handling:

DArTdb, a dedicated database/LIMS, manages the large data sets generated, ensuring data integrity through bar code-based sample-tracking. Our technical and informatics infrastructure is capable of delivering whole genome fingerprints of hundreds to hundred thousand of markers for up to 200,000 DNA samples per year. We are in the process of increasing the throughput several-fold through development of further improvements to the technology.


Data reporting:

The genotypic data delivered by DArT P/L comprise the scores for all markers for each sample analysed. The customer identifies their preferred data format. Most customers currently receive data as an Excel table.


Find out about our preferred method for sample submission.