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The KDDart Knowledge Discovery System provides our clients with the ability to integrate three diverse types of data: phenotypic; genetic; and environmental.

Typically this system would be used for breeding and pre-breeding applications, however, KDDArt has the flexibility of design to be applied to multidisciplinary agro-ecological and environmental research undertakings.


DArT initiated the development of the KDDart data integration platform working with industry clients over several years and it is now used by 'early adopter' clients and collaborators. To illustrate data integration diagram 1 (click to enlarge) depicts how the central KDDart storage is fed from a variety of input mediums which in turn feeds data to perform other tasks such as conducting analysis, managing inventories and preparing for future trials.


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Clients benefit from a software platform built from the ground up on open IT industry standards consisting of a three layered architecture, the middle layer of which is a RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) interface. Safeguarding the time, resources and acquired knowledge is a system flexible enough to adjust to the rapid changes in technology and breeding methods.


The base layer provides effective and efficient storage services for a broad range of genotypic, phenotypic and environmental data. Central storage database(s) are only accessed through the middle Data Access Layer, or DAL, using the RESTful API. The DAL provides the most reliable, optimal and flexible mechanism for storing and consuming data for all users of KDDart.


The top layer, or applications layer, is the IT tools for users to interact with the system. Using either applications that are DArT supplied or custom developed ‘in-house’, KDDart and the DAL will manage your data integrity and access.


To serve the breeding cycle several applications are available in the applications’ layer which are briefly introduced below. The following illustration of the bedding cycle shows the position each application manages:


Diagram 2. Click to enlarge


These applications are:

KDXplore is a versatile application, useful for breeders, technicians, curators and developers. Trial data now becomes accessible from many more angles.


KDXplore can assist with your trial selection and manage the distribution of those copies onto multiple KDSmart devices. Once data has been collected in the field with KDSmart, it can move back to KDXplore for data curation then upload, to ensure only quality

trial data is stored in KDDart.


KDXplore provides assistance to users to enable working with data in either a graphical or tabular manner as the situation dictates.

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On the right is KDXplore shows the main trial navigator at top left, trial details and a trial status with action buttons for the tasks that can be performed for the selected trial.


KDSmart is an application designed to operate on a variety of Android handheld devices for the collection of data in the field. Containing data selectively exported from KDDart, KDSmart captures and stores Trial data in the field for subsequent uploading to KDDart.


As needs dictate KDSmart can operate in 'standalone' mode without the KDDart infrastructure. This utilises trials defined in CSV files for import and export. So even without KDDart, KDSmart is still a useful tool to capture field data.


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The illustration on the right shows the scoring window where most activity occurs. The user can select the traits to display for scoring at any time, along with a range of options to suit the user or task at hand.

KDCompute is a web application that could be thought of more as a platform than an application. It provides the capability for extensible data analysis in an efficient and customisable framework.



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Using a cooperative plugin framework for processing algorithms, KDCompute is designed for multiple and possibly long running analytical, imputation or data processing tasks.


Accessed via a web browser, it uses a queuing server to schedule and process multiuser tasks, leaving a user’s workstation free to perform other tasks.


An additional benefit is better balancing of server workloads and more efficient management of KDDart.

The KDMan, or 'KDDart Manager’, is a web browser application which does not require the installation of additional special software. It enables users to perform administrative and day-to-day management tasks of their data stored in the KDDart database.


Click here to enlarA key tool during the initial configuration and preparation of your data in the KDDart database. KDMan fulfills the administrative needs of adding data to satisfy entity dependencies and relationships which are not always hierarchical. A simple illustration is, adding a new trial to KDMan first requires definition of the site for the trial, which in turn needs an Organisation for site ownership.


As trials are defined and in progress other activities within KDMan become more frequent. These may be importing trial results or the extraction, or exporting, of data to conduct analysis of trial results using other software tools. Direct access to KDDart is possible, without the need for data extraction, if the analysis application connects to KDDart through the Data Access Layer (DAL), such as with KDCompute.

The KDSens application provides an interface between various generic environmental sensors, such as weather stations, soil probes, etc. and the KDDart database using the Data Access Layer (DAL). Sensor definitions are maintained within KDDart.


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The KDSens program is designed to:

  • Collect data from single or multiple sensor stations (e.g. weather stations, soil probes, etc.);
  • Store the captured sensor data locally within files or database at the Sensor Station Manager;
  • Export stored data to the KDDart database using system’s API. 


The following diagram illustrates some of the configuration settings for a sensor device. The device shown here is the Vantage Pro© weather station which is representative of a variety of monitoring devices and not limited to weather stations



The KDLogue applications are tools for managing your inventories. Currently two applications, with partial overlapping functionalities, are designed to complement each other. The strategy with this apparent redundancy is to ensure at least one of these applications will meet user requirements, given

the substantial differences in the needs of a diverse user/client base.


One of the applications, written in PhoneGap, is completely cross platform, capable of operating on devices using any of the current operating systems. The second application, with a broader range of functionalities, is written in C++ and operates on a tablet mobile device or a laptop/desktop.

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Their role is both at the commencement of a season for trial preparation, along with harvest time, such as recording yield measurements.


KDLogue is able to:

  • Work on or off line;
  • Connect to a variety of scales;
  • Use barcode scanners; and
  • Print using envelope or label printers.