Plant DNA Shipping Instructions (International)

We are more than happy to ship plates, caps and other consumables to those that do not have the appropriate consumables available for a flat fee of 200AUD. This fee covers the cost of international couriers and tracking (Fed-Ex or DHL). This service can simply be added to the customers invoice.

You MUST carefully complete ALL 6 steps

Genomic DNA (gDNA) Quality and Quantity Requirements

For DArT genotyping assays we recommend 500–1000ng of restriction enzyme grade genomic DNA (gDNA), resuspended in aqueous solution as EB buffer at a concentration of 50–100ng/µl. Other acceptable solutions are Molecular Grade water and TE buffer with lowered EDTA concentration.

If you have less gDNA than recommended quantities please contact us at We may still be able to process your samples as we successfully produced genotyping data from samples with concentration less than 10ng/µl.

DArT assays tolerate well up to five fold differences in gDNA concentration, however the more uniform gDNA concentration of submitted samples the better quality of genotyping data.

Please be aware of additional fee incurred if gDNA concentration variation exceeds acceptable levels (up to 5 fold) and we need to adjust the gDNA concentration before the carrying out the assays.

We use 2µl gDNA of recommended quality/quantity per assay, therefore:

  • for organisms/products listed in our system please submit at least 10µl of gDNA of required concentration, although 20µl is recommended.
  • for new organisms/products please submit minimum of 20µl of gDNA of required concentration, however higher volumes up to 50µl are welcome.

In any case do not exceed 70µl gDNA as it significantly increases the risk of sample cross-contamination during shipment and handling.

As for all genotyping methods, gDNA quality has a major effect on genotyping data quality. Therefore, we recommend performing gDNA ‘mock incubation’ test of the samples before shipping them to us, even if it is on a subset of the samples. Please perform ‘mock incubation’ test as follows: incubate 2µl of gDNA in Restriction Enzyme buffer at 37°C for 2 hours and then resolve the samples on a 0.8% TAE agarose gel. Good quality gDNA gives a high molecular weight band on the gel.

gDNA derived from museum collections/valuable/prolonged storage materials

If you are submitting gDNA derived from museum collections/valuable/prolonged storage materials, irrespective of expected quality/quantity, please ensure you alert us by adding adequate note while placing your order and on the Sample Tracking File in the Comments.

If you require any additional information about your gDNA quality/quantity please contact us at

Suggested, not automated methods of gDNA extraction can be found below:

This method proved to work well for many plant species:

There is also alternative method developed by one of our collaborators, which should work equally well:

Please note that we cannot guarantee that these methods will work for any species.

Create Order

  • Register, if not already, then Login to Online Ordering at
  • Create a Sample Tracking Template File (required next). Please click to read more about this.
    • Remember wells G12 and H12 are used for control and MUST BE EMPTY
  • Create an order – Select ‘Order Services’ to access Online Ordering and create your order;
  • Print a copy of the Service Specification to include with order package.

Sample Packaging

Please package your DNA in:

  • Well sealed 96-well plate(s),
  • FULLY SKIRTED Please for rigidity and convenience of bar-coding. To avoid leaks and cross contamination of samples during shipment we strongly recommend:
    • Twin-Tec from Eppendorf (Product code: 0030128648) secured with Strips of 8 clear FLAT caps from Sarstedt (Product code 65.1998.400.1). This is our 1st recommended choice.
    • FrameStar from 4titude (Product code: 4ti-0960/C) secured with Strips of 8 clear FLAT caps from Sarstedt (Product code 65.1998.400.1). This is our 2nd recommended choice. FrameStar 4titude plates are the second choice as they require additional care while closing the plate with strip caps. The cap lip can be very easily damaged if strip cap is not perfectly aligned with the plate and pressed down. Damaged caps will leak during transport resulting in loss of samples and potential cross-contamination.
  • Seal firmly/securely
  • Package in a rigid box with ample packing to allow for rough handling in shipment;
  • Include the printed copy of the Service Specification. For all courier companies: make sure all our contact details are correctly and legibly written, including our phone number.

1SSarstedt discontinued strip caps 65.989.002 (made in Germany) and 65.1998.002 (made in the USA). These are replaced by 65.1998.400 (made in Great Britain or Hungary) these can be used for the strip chains and the Eppendorf twin Tec 96 well PCR plates.

Prepare Documents Required For Outside of Australia

You should carefully follow all the instructions on this page and ensure that you can all necessary paperwork for delivery.

Print two copies of the required documents:

  1. Supplier’s Declaration (Click to view a template for Supplier’s Declaration for Plant DNA),
  2. Pro forma Invoice (Click to view a template for Pro Forma Invoice) ,
  3. Import Permit (Permit-0005326268.pdf)
  4. Service Specification (from step 1),
  5. Sample Tracking File (from step 1),
  6. Air Way Bill

Essential that for shipments from outside of Australia that the Supplier’s Declaration must:

  • Be printed on your organisation letterhead paper
  • Be in English,
  • Prominently quote the Air Way Bill (AWB) number on all pages of declaration,
  • Be issued in and dated in the last six months.
  • Be signed by the sender
  • Describe your samples accurately as: “purified DNA from (plant species name), no import permit required under Condition C10555 of AQIS regulations”
  • The declaration MUST also clearly state that the samples:
    • Are prepared from plants regularly inspected to confirm the absence of disease or infestation, and not exposed to livestock or poultry,
    • Were purified using a standard DNA extraction method which lyses cells and removes proteins from the DNA extract,
    • Do not contain bovine serum albumin,
    • Are not infectious to plants or animals, are only for in vitro use and are not potentially viable material (from which a plant could be generated),
    • Are sent for destructive analysis in the PC1 laboratory of Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd.

Air Way Bill (AWB) must:

  • Accurately describe your samples (space is more limited) as: “purified DNA from (species), AQIS Condition C10555”
  • Do not use the words PLANT or PLANT SAMPLES without also mentioning PURIFIED DNA
  • Clearly/legibly include Colleen Hopper’s phone number +61 2 6122 7314.

Envelope MUST BE ATTACHED OUTSIDE, marked – “Quarantine and Customs documentation”.

It must contain:

  • All the paperwork (including a copy of the Service Specification)
  • A pro forma invoice, on your organisation’s letterhead stating the value of each plate of 96 samples at 20 USD or Euros or AUD as you wish.

Australia Post is NOT recommended for any DNA shipment

Ship to Address

Diversity Arrays Technology
Building 3, Level D,
University of Canberra Bruce, ACT 2617

LPO Box 5067,
Bruce ACT 2617, Australia

Please use both addresses when shipping.

Courier Instructions

Lat: -35.236712
Long: 149.084286

  1. Enter Allawoona St from Ginninderra Dr.
  2. Right into Broula St
  3. Right into Kirinari St
  4. Left into Monana St – Building 3, 5.
  5. Level D – Top (South West end)

Notify DArT

When you ship the package email us at the:

  • Name of the courier company;
  • The tracking number from the courier; and
  • The Service Number (from step 1).

Warning: Failure to carefully follow all these instructions will cause delays in your order reaching us and a high probability of samples arriving that we cannot process.

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