Australian Small Order Terms and Conditions

DArT Genetic ID Sample Submission

For Plant, Animal or Fungi Tissue Samples
Small Orders Shipped Within Australia Only

Please Note: Due to strict Australian quarantine laws this service is for within Australia only – See Online Ordering for other options

Clear Identification

You must clearly provide:

  • The organism type and sample name in the parcel for each sample;
  • Your contact and address details;
  • A reliable contact telephone number should we need to contact you during business hours (AEST) regarding your shipment;

Order acceptance and processing will be conducted in accordance with your supply and labelling of samples.


  • Samples from different organisms must Not be mixed (e.g. Do Not mix wheat and barley samples);
  • Samples must be clear of any insects or contamination;
  • Should packaging be damaged or samples packaged in a way that sample integrity cannot be assured we will not be able to process your order;
  • If wanting to check your sample against a reference, please either check that we have the reference to check against, or provide your own.

Service Limitation

  • This service is for shipment of material (seed, plant tissue, animal tissue, fungi) within Australia ONLY;
  • The service is limited to a maximum number of 10 samples.
  • If your samples are outside Australia please see our International Customers page for more information.
Page last updated: August 1, 2018, 12:26 pm