This is Not Business as Usual

On the 20th of September, 2019, students in Canberra went on strike to protest against climate change inaction. As concerned global citizens, we believe that it shouldn’t just be up to our children and the next generation to demand better action against climate change. It should be up to all of us.

This is why we joined This Is Not Business As Usual and walked out of work at 12pm today. We want to show our support for the students brave enough to raise their voices for a better future.

Our team at Diversity Arrays walked to the iconic “pink pond of Bruce” and had our lunch there. This pond is an example of our unique Australian flora that will be affected by climate change if we continue to do nothing. After lunch we returned to work as our technologies and services are helping not only to monitor ecological consequences of climate change, but also provide solutions for dealing with the scourge of climate change in agriculture and ecology.

Please join us in standing up for real action for all future generations to come!