Sample Packaging DNA

Sample Packaging

Please package your DNA in:

  • Well sealed 96-well plate(s),
  • FULLY SKIRTED Please for rigidity and convenience of bar-coding. To avoid leaks and cross contamination of samples during shipment we strongly recommend:
    • Fully skirted, V-shape bottom 96 well PCR plates Twin-Tec from Eppendorf (Product code 0030128648) or
    • Strips of 8 clear FLAT caps from Sarstedt (Product code 65.1998.400.1)
  • Seal firmly/securely
  • Package in a rigid box with ample packing to allow for rough handling in shipment;
  • Include the printed copy of the Service Specification. For all courier companies: make sure all our contact details are correctly and legibly written, including our phone number.

1Sarstedt discontinued strip caps 65.989.002 (made in Germany) and 65.1998.002 (made in the USA). These are replaced by 65.1998.400 (made in Great Britain or Hungary) these can be used for the strip chains and the Eppendorf twin Tec 96 well PCR plates.