Sample Package (Tissue)

Sample Packaging

Please package your samples in:

  • Thoroughly and firmly seal all bags (preferably double layer ziplock plastic bags)
  • Each individual sample to be labelled clearly with a unique sample name AND the Organism of the sample
  • Full contact details to be provided in printed form inside the parcel for the sender of the material, and also for the client to be invoiced (if different)
  • A list of samples sent to be provided to ensure all samples sent have arrived safely.
  • A clear statement of the service required, i.e. Comparison to a reference variety of wheat, method testing for new organism
  • Package in a rigid box/container with ample packing to allow for rough handling during shipment.
  • Make sure all our contact details (and yours) are correctly and legibly written, including our phone number, on the package.

If samples are of hard tissue or exoskeleton please contact us before shipping for clarification and possible alternative packing requirements.

For all others, please follow the following instructions:

  • Use FULLY SKIRTED, V-shaped96 well PCR plate(s) to allow for our automated plates processing;
  • Provide no more than 20mg of tissue per sample;

Please contact us () if you have any doubts about tissue size/weight or if you have not used our services for the organism/tissue you plan to send to us before.

  • Make sure the tissue is fully submerged in 70% (to 100%)ethanol, however do not exceed 70μlto 100μl of liquid (tissue size dependent);
  • Sealthe plate(s) thoroughly with PCR strip caps NOT PCR plate seals.