Sample Package (Plant)

Sample Packaging

  • Firmly seal all bags (preferably double layer ziplock plastic bags) or alternatively use Parafilm
  • Full contact details to be provided in printed form inside the parcel for the sender of the material, and also for the client to be invoiced (if different)
  • Make sure all our contact details (and yours) are correctly and legibly written, including our phone number, on outside the package.
  • Please include your Service Specification and Sample Tracking File.
  • Package in a rigid box/container with ample packing to allow for rough handling during shipment.

For Plant Tissues, please follow the following instructions:

  • Use ‘MicroTube Rack System™, 1.1mL Single Tubes in Racks’ (from National Scientific Supply Co, Inc. USA, website:, catalogue numbers TN0946-01R for racks and TN0946-01B for tubes1) or equivalentto allow for our automated plate(s) processing,
  • Label the tubes from either row A or row H with their well positon (for example A1, A2, A3 etc.);
  • Provide around 10mg of plant tissue per sample/tube; please contact us () if you have any doubts about tissue size/weight or if you have not used our services for the organism/tissue you plan to send to us before;
  • Use ‘Pierceable TPE Micronic capband-8 cluster ’ (capmat format from Micronic, The Netherlands, website:, catalogue number MP53024) or equivalent, to firmly and securely seal the tubes;
  • Make sure that ALL tubes across the rack are tightly sealed;
  • Package the rack(s) with plant tissue samples in a rigid box with ample packing (bubble wrap or similar) to allow for rough handling during shipment;

1 Please use the link while navigating for the recommended product.

2 Please use the link while navigating for the recommended product.