Plant Tissue Quality and Quantity Requirements

Plant Tissue Quality and Quantity Requirements

Minimise the risk that the submitted tissues contain pathogenic viruses, bacteria, pest and parasites.

We accept 20-25mg of fresh tissue or 10-15mg of lyophilised tissue.

The success of gDNA extraction relies on tissue quality from sampling to arrival to our facility. Please use the best methods of sampling and storing your samples prior shipment. These methods depend on the plant and tissue source.


Leaves are most commonly used tissue source for plants. We recommend collecting leaves into liquid nitrogen, if feasible, if not on ice blocks or at least on desiccant as silica beads/gels. If possible we recommend lyophilising leaf samples before subsampling into recommended plates for shipment.

If lyophilisation is not possible, please oven dry the leaves before subsampling and shipment. In any case, DO NOT SHIP previously frozen leaf material at room temperature as gDNA will get degraded before reaching our facility.

Seeds and other plant samples

Seeds do not require special treatment, other than shipping with silica beads/gels.

Tissue samples from museum collections/herbarium/prolonged storage/valuable materials

We recommend that the gDNA form museum collections/herbarium/prolonged storage/valuable material is extracted by our users. If you have to rely on our DNA extraction services we will do our best, however it is critical you alert us that your material is from museum collections/herbarium/prolonged storage/valuable by adding adequate note while placing your order and on the Sample Tracking File in the Comments. Otherwise your samples will be processed using our standard procedures which may not be sufficient for museum collections/herbarium/prolonged storage/valuable tissues.

If shipping internationally the plant tissue MUST be pounded, otherwise the shipment will be ceased by Australian Quarantine Office (AQIS).

If you have any questions, please contact us at, we will assist based on experience with large diversity of processed organisms/tissue sources.