Mapping of a novel, major late blight resistance locus in the diploid (1EBN) Mexican Solanum pinnatisectum Dunal on chromosome VII

Late blight caused by the oomycete Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary (Pi) is the most important foliar disease of potato worldwide. An intraspecific hybrid between individuals of a resistant and a susceptible S. pinnatisectum accession was backcrossed to the susceptible parent to generate a segregating population for late blight resistance consisting of 84 plants. In detached‐leaflet assays, reaction to late blight segregated in a 1r:1s manner in BC1 progeny indicating the presence of a single dominant resistance gene. A genetic map was constructed based on 1,583 DArT/SSR markers which were allocated to 12 linkage groups, covering 1,793.5 cM with an average marker distance of 1.1 cM. The late blight resistance locus derived from S. pinnatisectum was mapped on chromosome VII. In comparison with the previously reported resistance genes Rpi1 and Rpi2, the new target resistance locus most likely is located on the opposite arm of chromosome VII. Results of this study will serve as a basis for future fine mapping of the late blight resistance locus and the development of locus‐specific markers for marker‐assisted selection.