Identifying a novel powdery mildew resistance gene in a barley landrace from Morocco

Powdery mildew is a barley foliar disease that causes great loss in yield. Because of the limited number of effective resistance genes, efforts to identify new sources of resistance are frequently focused on genetically diversified landraces. The goal of this study was to characterise the powdery mildew resistance gene in barley line 2553-3 selected from the Moroccan landrace. Phytopathological testing against a set of differential pathogen isolates revealed different pattern responses of this gene from those of other known resistance genes. F2 and F2:3 (2553-3 × Manchuria) mapping populations were employed to investigate resistance inheritance. Two approaches were applied for the linkage analysis: in the first approach, 22 resistant and 21 susceptible homozygous F2 plants genotyped by the DArTseq platform (Diversity Arrays Technology, Pty. Ltd.) were used; in the second, 94 F2 plants were genotyped by converted DArTseq markers and SSRs. Both analyses delineated a new resistance gene on the short arm of chromosome 2H. The authors propose MlMor as a gene symbol for newly characterized powdery mildew resistance genes in barley line 255-3-3. The results presented herein provide a good foundation for the development of closer linkage markers and MAS breeding.