A high‐resolution einkorn (Triticum monococcum L.) linkage map involving wild, domesticated and feral einkorn genotypes

A high‐resolution consensus linkage map of Triticum monococcum was assembled from two separate maps involving domesticated, feral and wild einkorn wheat accessions. The genotyping‐by‐sequencing (GBS) approach based on DArTseq markers yielded overstretched maps. Deleting all markers with missing data and then converting dubious singletons to missing data produced two maps of about 1,380 cM, close to the published genome size. The consensus map spanned 1,562 cM, had one bin mapped every 0.92 cM and showed only one gap > 10 cM. Chromosome length varied between 151 cM (chromosome 4) and 270 cM (chromosome 7). The consensus map was compared to other A‐genome maps, and the sequences of genetically mapped DArTseq were used to anchor contigs of the T. monococcum, T. urartu and T. aestivum draft genomes based on sequence homology to assess colinearity and to assign mapped markers to the seven chromosomes of the bread wheat A‐genome. Finally, an in silico functional characterization of the sequences was performed. This high‐resolution map will facilitate QTL and association analysis and assist the genome assembly of the einkorn genome.