Sample Submission

We offer a DNA-to-data service: customers provide DNA samples and receive genotypic data. You can now order our services online!

For DArT assays, 500 – 1000ng of restriction enzyme grade DNA, resuspended in aqueous solution such as EB at a concentration of 50 – 100ng/µl should be submitted. (Other acceptable solutions are Molecular Grade water and TE buffer with lowered EDTA concentration).


The preferred format for submission is 94 samples supplied in sealed 96-well microtiter plates, leaving wells G12 and H12 empty. It is critical that you seal the plate very well. We recommend the use of a standard FULLY SKIRTED, V-bottom well 96-well plate (for example Eppendorf Twin-Tec, cat# 951020401), sealed with strips of 8 caps (for example FLAT caps from Sarstedt ref 65.1998.400), applied carefully one by one, wrapped in glad wrap. Although a 3M adhesive film (Qiagen), when properly applied, taking extreme care of sealing the wells one by one on a warm (not cold) plate, may work, we have seen many failures and do not recommend it. Heat-sealable PCR films DO NOT perform unless heat- sealed properly: this is not recommended.

To avoid leaks and cross contamination of samples during shipment, please follow our recommendations about how to ship DNA samples in [download PDF 855 Kb].

Please, e-mail (samples “at” us the name of the courier company you are using and the tracking number of your shipment.

DNA quality and extraction

As for all genotyping methods, DNA quality has a major effect on DArT data quality. Therefore, DNA quality of the samples is controlled upon arrival by incubating 1 µl of DNA in Restriction Enzyme buffer at 37°C for 2 hours and then running the DNA on a 0.8% agarose gel. Good quality DNA gives a high molecular weight band on the gel.

You can find details about our suggested method of DNA extraction

  • This method proved to work well for many plant species [download PDF 128 Kb].
  • There is also alternative method developed by one of our collaborators, which should work equally well [download PDF 83 Kb].

International customers

Important for international Customers! Please see the special section on Australian quarantine requirements.

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