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Australia has a strict and well-organised quarantine system. Under this system, importing DNA into Australia is simple, provided the instructions below are followed properly. It is particularly important that the plants from which you are preparing the DNA are healthy, and especially, that they are not infected with viruses. Although our laboratory provides a reasonable degree of containment, it would be very undesirable for us to be the source of introduction of foreign plant viruses.

  1. The DNA plate should be described on an accompanying Suppliers Declaration, stating that the samples are purified plant genomic DNA from [name species], and providing a list or table of the name or identification number for each individual, corresponding to a well in the plate of DNA.The Supplier’s Declaration should:
    • be printed on your organisation’s letterhead paper,
    • quote the Air Way Bill number, and
    • be signed by the sender.

    The declaration should also state that the samples:

    • are prepared from plants regularly inspected to confirm the absence of disease or infestation, and not exposed to livestock or poultry,
    • were purified using a standard DNA extraction method which lyses cells and removes proteins from the DNA extract,
    • do not contain bovine serum albumin,
    • are not infectious to plants or animals, are not for /in vivo/ use in plants or animals and are not potentially viable material (from which a plant could be generated),
    • are sent for destructive analysis in the PC1 laboratory of Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd.
  2. For purified plant DNA samples meeting the above specifications, no Import Permit is required. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you describe your samples accurately on the Supplier’s Declaration as: “purified DNA from [name species], no import permit required under Condition C10555 of AQIS regulations”It is also critical that you describe your samples accurately on the Air Way Bill, where space is more limited; please describe your samples as: “purified DNA from [name species], AQIS Condition C10555”.

    On these documents, do NOT use the words PLANT or PLANT SAMPLES without mentioning purified DNA.

  3. Attach a copy of the Suppliers Declaration to the OUTSIDE of the shipment, in an envelope clearly marked Quarantine and Customs Documents.
  4. Please provide and include in the “Quarantine and Customs” envelope a pro-forma invoice on your organisation’s letterhead with a nominal (but not nil) value for the DNA samples. If you are shipping up to 5 plates, we suggest 1 USD or 1 Euro value per sample.Please indicate clearly on the invoice the country of origin of the samples (your country usually).
  5. Include a copy of the Suppliers Declaration and the pro-forma invoice inside the shipment
  6. Courier to: Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Limited (Attention: Quarantine Officer), Bldg 3, Lv D, University of Canberra, Kirinari st., Bruce, ACT 2617, Australia. (Ph. 61 2 6122 7314)

Please email to us (samples the sample tracking file, the name of your courier company and the Airway Bill number, as soon as practicable.

It commonly takes up to a week for the samples to clear through Customs once they arrive in Sydney, so there is no point shipping the samples cold. Based on our experience, DNA samples of adequate purity in aqueous solutions such as TE ship sufficiently well at room temperature.

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