Technology Packages

DArT is a high-throughput genotyping system which requires a substantial level of integration of various elements, ranging from wet science to appropriate hardware, software, chemicals and consumables.


This need for integration is driving many SNP-typing platforms to develop within heavily centralised corporations. DArT requires a much lower level of investment as other technologies, but it benefits from economy of scale and integration into a package of smoothly interacting components.


Although the molecular principles of DArT technology are straightforward, we have spent several years developing an integrated technology package comprising of:

Wet Science

We have developed substantial know-how in all aspects of DArT, from complexity reduction methods (having tested dozens of methods on dozens of genomes) to the most effective organisation of workflow to perform DArT assays.


For the array platform we have continuously interacted with a number of microarray platform technology providers to develop and test cost-effective consumables. We have tested large number of array substrates and developed our own products ("DArTspotter", a thoroughly optimised printing buffer) to consistently produce high-quality DArT arrays. For the DArTseq platform we are using either supplies provided with the commercial system (currently Illumina Hiseq) or various suppliers for “open access” Polonator system.


We have evaluated nearly all hardware options for array printing and scanning and identified a very efficient equipment package to perform DArT assays in high-throughput. We spent also a lot of effort evaluating and selecting the sequencing platforms to deliver DArTseq™ at the best price.

DArT Software

We have developed a dedicated analytical software tools (DArTsoft for microarray analysis and DArTsoftS for DArTseq platform) and a Laboratory Information Management System - LIMS (DArTdb) designed around the workflows of DArT microarray and sequencing technologies.